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Questions You May Ask

What is a payday advance?

A Payday Advance is a quick & easy way to get a short-term loan for people needing money and are unable to wait until their next payday.

I have bad credit, no credit, or filed bankruptcy, can I still apply?

Yes, many times you can still get a Payday Advance with Bad Credit, No Credit or even a Bankruptcy. We have customers that have filed bankruptcy before and our team will always work hard to get you approved.

How much will a payday advance cost me?

Every state is different, but in California the maximum loan amount you can borrow is $255. The maximum fee a lender can charge is 15% of the face amount of the check or a maximum fee of $45 for a $255 advance.

Lenders cannot cash your check until your next payday.

Is my payday advance confidential?

Yes! Payday advances are always completely confidential and protected by our Company Privacy Policy.

Can I get more than one payday advance at a time?

We can only issue one payday advance at a time, but just as soon as we get confirmation that your account has been paid in full you may request another advance!

How do I pay off my payday advance?

Just “pick up” your check on your due date. Pay us cash or money order for the full amount of the check, and your account is paid.

If you’re unable to pick up your check on the due date, we’ll simply deposit your check for you. Once we have confirmation that your check has cleared our bank account, you can request another payday advance anytime you like.

Is it safer to use a local Payday Advance Store versus going online?                   

We think so! The fact is online Payday companies can be located just about anywhere which means they are held to a much lower criteria of lender rules and regulations.  We are a local Southern California based lender and adhere to the highest level of safety and security regulations to help protect consumers from other predatory lenders.